Below is a list of just a few of the locations where Catch a Crook CCTV systems are installed.

“JK installed a 16 channel system and cameras at the bar. Since then, we caught several incidents on camera. I can’t see owning a bar or any type of business without a camera system in place. I feel better knowing this system is there and I can even view everything from home. Even years later, whenever I have a question, need tech support or want to move change or add something, all I have to do is call JK. Very honest and professional.”

Steve Bulakovski
Kosta’s Nightclub
Mansfield, OH

“We needed a system installed for a long time. Before we had it installed we had a few customer problems, the register was being shorted by a server and the bartender was giving away drinks (but we could never prove it). After JK installed our system, we showed the video to the server and bartender before they were “let go”, our employees actually work, I feel safer and we had video of a couple of guys trying to run out on their bill and they were caught. JK turned this business around in 30 days. We love him! All bars should have video cameras.”

Amanda Hotchkins
The Elms Tavern
Cleveland, OH

“JK came highly recommended to us for installing a surveillance system and proved to be an excellent choice. Besides being very professional, he is extremely easy to work with. I have and will recommend JK to others.”

Randy Kemp
Universal Motors
Mansfield, OH

“I had a system put in my business and everything worked out great. We recorded some guy starting a fight and trying to steal beer. The video got him arrested and sent to jail. I will do business with JK again.”

Fares Fares
Mountain Drive Thru
Mansfield, OH

“We needed a system installed, saw Catch a Crook CCTV online and we called. Before JK installed this system, we were always missing beer, chips, smokes-you name it. And the register was always off. After JK did the install, we found out who was stealing and they were fired. But, it gets better.We wanted a couple of cameras one place, but JK said they would be much better in another place. 10 days later we were held up and robbed and those cameras got a great face shot of the guy and he was later arrested. JK helped us “catch a crook” two times in two weeks!”

James “Jimbo” Scranton
South Side Beer Dock
Columbus, OH

Jalisco Mexican Restaurant
Alliance, OH

Jalisco Mexican Restaurant
Salem, OH

Jalisco Mexican Restaurant
Eastlake, OH

Mr P’s
Mansfield, OH

Matt’s Mart
Mansfield, OH

El Rincon Mexican Restaurant
N. Canton, OH

Castalia Market
Castalia, OH

Mansfield, OH

Beaver Run Resort
Breckenridge, CO

Centennial Storage
Findlay, OH

New Home Installation
Grove City, OH

“We are very pleased with the installation of a new security system for our office. JK did an excellent job for an extremely reasonable price. We would definitely recommend him.”

Diana L. Nolen
S.T.O.P. (stop the over population of pets)
Mansfield, OH