Other Industires

Just like restaurants, retail businesses, nightclubs and homeowners, EVERY business and industry needs and should have a quality, hi-def video security system installed. PERIOD. Don’t have one? Call us NOW.

We’ve worked with dozens of unique industries to develop unique security camera system solutions. Schools, factories, small businesses, industrial, hotels, government and many more have problems, concerns, issues and goals that are unique to their individual situation.

Planning a new system for your business or want to upgrade your existing system to hi-def? Catch a Crook CCTV systems will save your business, stop employee theft, give you greater peace of mind, more confidence and sense of security. No CCTV system will catch every little thing that goes on (anybody telling you that is uneducated or lying), but if you own or manage any type of public or private business or facility, I can install a hi-def system to monitor and record your problem areas, blind spots, visitors, staff, employees, inventory, merchandise, machinery, hallways, doors, dumpsters, parking lots, who’s comin’ and goin’ and protect you against anybody causing you problems within 30 days. GUARANTEED.

A Few Benefits of Video Security

The most effective use of security cameras are for the purposes of viewing and recording events in many different locations throughout your business, factory, school or warehouse, for example. Monitor and record high-traffic areas inside and outside the business, entrances and exits, parking lots, worker areas, registers, machinery, loading areas, dumpsters, counters, employees, customers, vendors, deliveries and visitors.

Another important use of video security cameras is making more money and saving more money. Installing cameras will stop employee and customer theft, end waste, fraud and abuse, time theft, vandalism and increase productivity and sales. And of course, one of the fastest ways to save money is to write your new system off at tax time.

Protect yourself from lawsuits. The documentation that a video recording provides can be invaluable in situations involving liability, slip and fall claims, workers comp or lawsuits. One area nightclub was facing a serious lawsuit over an incident inside their bar. With the use of the video recordings, they were able to prove that the individual who was suing was actually responsible. Case closed.

Real simple: our systems will give you a greater sense of safety and security, more confidence, less stress, worries and headaches and more peace-of-mind.

Condos, Hotels and Apartments

Condos, Hotels and Apartments buildings and complexes house ever changing populations of residents and visitors coming and going all day and night that are usually unfamiliar with most of their neighbors. If your apartment, condo or hotel doesn’t have security cameras installed, the risk of theft, vandalism or worse can be high. Most crooks, thieves or vandals will move on if they see a visible camera and realize they’re already being recorded. A well installed security system for your hotel, apartment or condo complex will provide you with the safety, security, deterrence and footage you need if there are problems and also offers great peace of mind for you and your tenants and guests.

Hotels, condos and apartment buildings range widely in type and size. We can do a custom quote of the exact number of cameras and DVR(s), NVR(s), hard drive storage, etc that your building will need. Based on the size, number of buildings, hallways, entrances and exits, lots, specific areas of higher security needed and more, we can recommend a hi-def system that will offer safety and security for years.


The quality of the daytime learning environment needs to be monitored and security cameras allow administrators to keep an eye on the school’s surroundings and protect the children.

Safety and Behavior

More and more schools are installing security cameras in halls, classrooms, cafeterias, in buses and gymnasiums. The most common use of a school video security system is to increase student and staff safety. Properly placed cameras warn students (and staff) that they are being monitored, which deters bad behavior. Cameras also catch crooks and thieves, vandals, and bullies in the act, allowing the school and police to see exactly what happened, ID everyone involved and make any arrests.

Visitor Monitoring

One problem many schools still have is proper access control for visitors. By installing security cameras at entrance doors, for example, you can help your administrative staff monitor visitors. This ensures they check in and register at the front desk, follow school rules about contact with students while in the building and leave when their visit is over. By using your video security system to establish visitor check-in protocols, your students will be able to move freely around the campus.

One of the best features of modern video surveillance systems is remote viewing. This allows you to log on to the system remotely, i.e., over the Internet. You can view every installed cameras “live”, operate PTZ cameras or review recorded footage from any camera from any day (or month) depending on storage space from a PC, tablet or Smartphone.

Parking Garages and Parking Lots

There’s a reason Deepthroat wanted to meet with Woodward in a darkened parking garage in “All the President’s Men.” Your company garage is not safe until it has a hi-def security camera system monitoring and recording everything that goes on.

One of the most common crimes is car break-ins and vandalism. This is because of how difficult it is to keep an eye on such a large space. Video security in a parking garage is uniquely important and a custom system is the best option for ensuring constant, full coverage. Our garage security camera systems are usually a mix of hi-def fixed dome and PTZ cameras and will ensure complete coverage.

Warehouses and Factories

Warehouses and storage facilities are some of the best candidates for hi-def video security systems. With a huge amount of inventory spread across lots of square footage, it is hard to keep your location and merchandise secure everybody trying to rip you off–both internally and externally. We can survey your location and put together a written quote with our recommendations on how to secure your entire location, stop employee and vendor theft, monitor and record high-traffic and high-risk areas such as loading docks and entrances and exits and protect your valuable merchandise. And with remote view set-up you can view your entire operations from any PC, Mac, tablet or Smartphone helping you minimize theft and focus more on other business decisions.

Churches and Mosques

The feeling at Catch a Crook CCTV is simple: there is something about having security cameras in a church, synagogue or mosque that seems wrong. Places of worship are supposed to be open and welcoming environments where people from all walks of life can come for community and spiritual practice.

Security cameras in places of worship are becoming more and more necessary. Churches have a lot in common with any public place but they present several unique security risks. One of the most sought after items of any crook or thief is electronics and audio/video equipment. For example, at a recent church burglary in Dallas, security cameras recorded the theft of expensive plasma screens…which were carried away in a laundry cart!

Another unique risk is the large amount of cash that is present after each service. This tempts both the amateur and professional crook. Thieves know that the cash is collected and then may or may not be counted on site. In this situation, security cameras are important in protecting both the cash and administrative personnel.

Most importantly, the best use of security cameras are for the purposes of viewing and recording key events in many different locations throughout your church. Cameras can be placed in high-traffic areas, such as hallways, offices and entrances inside the building and on the parking lot outside the building, for example.

Professional Services

Before installing a video security system, you (and a few of your trusted staff) should create a list fears, problems and issues and develop a clear set of realistic goals and specific objectives. These objectives will help us in recommending the cameras and system for your specific business and ensure that your system will assist you in maximizing safety and security at your particular business or facility.

System Consultation

You have 2 choices when doing business with Catch a Crook CCTV: you can buy our products or have us install a complete system (our specialty). We can answer your questions and give advice and recommendations simply by phone or email. The installation process begins with a one-on-one meeting and discussion of your problems, concerns, fears and goals. After a property survey, you’ll receive a written estimate of recommended products and labor. If you are located in Ohio we can meet with you to give you a written estimate.

Product Design

After you place your order or request an installation, we will begin to put together your order from our inventory of products. All of our products are , brand new and factory-fresh. There are NO: used, open box, knock-offs, bootlegs or cheap junk. You will receive a hi-quality, easy-to-use, long-lasting, factory-fresh, new-in-the box AUTHENTIC product. Ready to use right out of the box Most products are shipped on the same business day.

Complete Installations

If you let us oversee your complete installation, we’ll work hard to deliver a successful outcome above your expectations. You’ll receive a professional, neat and clean installation and your property will be treated with respect and kept orderly at all times. We can install cameras that will monitor your employees, customers, visitors, entrances and exits, inventory, parking lots, machinery, procedures, liability claims, theft, vandalism and stop crime and catch crooks. And when we’re done with the actual labor, we will do a thorough site run through and clean-up. In other words, you won’t even know we were there. We’ll also set-up and program your system (and phone, PC and tablet) and you’ll receive training on the most important functions.


I’ve only mentioned a few businesses and how our systems can benefit them. Video security systems can be an important weapon in improving safety, security and productivity at your business, industry, campus, worship center or facility. Whether its a few cameras from our website or a custom installation solution that we design just for you, we can deliver a system that not only fits your industry but addresses your specific needs, fears, problems and goals.

The investment in Catch a Crook CCTV systems and products is a painless drop in the bucket compared to doing nothing at all, investing in the wrong system, hiring the wrong company and remaining an easy target with a bulls eye on your back. You say you can’t afford to do this? You can’t afford not to do this. So take action today.

If you own or operate any kind of business, industry, public facility, for-profit or non-profit and could use a friend who understands your needs, your concerns and cares about your success and safety, then call us at (419) 961-2923 today. If you are located in Ohio and want a custom quote, we can meet with you and recommend a system to fit your needs, goals and give you a greater sense of safety and security and stop crime catch crooks.

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