“If You Want to Take Back Control of Your Business, Have Greater Success, Stop Employee Theft and Shoplifters, Catch Crooks and Thieves, Have Greater Peace of Mind, Protect Your Home, Family and Property, Then You Need One of Our hi-def Video Surveillance Systems. GUARANTEED.”

Theft, from employees and customers is the #1 problem and concern for all businesses.

Hourly, salary, supervisors, managers, accountants, executives, family or friends. It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, recent hires or people working there for 30 years. You work with these people for years and they smile and shake your hand while the other hand is in your back pocket stealing your wallet. In fact, they’re laughing at you, right now, behind your back. And you wanna know why all this stuff happens? Because they can get away with it, that’s why!

You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned your success and now they’re stealing it right from under your nose (and if you refuse to believe this you’re the “emperor with no clothes”). It’s your choice: you can take back your power now or let them suck you dry until you’re unhappy, broke and out of business.

By working with so many different businesses in many different areas, we’ve gained valuable “in the field” experience that allowed us to help bar, retail and restaurant owners and managers stop employee theft in a way that most local and online CCTV companies can never claim.

“This Stuff Could NEVER Happen to Me or My Business and
Would NEVER be My Employees”

Almost every business we’ve ever worked with were mostly interested in security and safety and wanted cameras installed for protection or because the owner or manager is getting scammed and ripped off. The businesses with the biggest problems-employee theft-are always any type of retail business, restaurants and bars.


“What do I have to worry about?
I have a great bar, employees and customers”

I’ll give it to you straight: you own or operate one of the easiest businesses to scam and the biggest problem is the bartender. Few managers or bar owners want to admit that their bartenders might be rippin’ them off. That’s why employee theft goes on and on.

That’s just the bartender. What about your customers? How about a negligence case against you from a fight, assault or car crash? These types of claims will usually involve somebody who was loaded and will bring your security and alcohol policies into question. Who is liable? How does your liability cover these situations? Can you prove your bartender(s) didn’t over-serve a customer? Can you prove who really started that fight on Friday night? Can you protect yourself against accusations and unfair lawsuits? Do you have the proof to back it up?

The worst thing you can say is “my bar is different.” That would be a mistake. With the average loss tens and hundreds of thousands over time to a bar or nightclub from bartender and employee theft, these systems pay for themselves immediately.


“This stuff could NEVER happen to me, my restaurant
and would NEVER be my employees”

“Personal property deviance”, “Altruistic property deviance”, “Production deviance”, “Inventory loss”, “shrinkage”, “sweet hearting”, “internal”, “external”, “robbery awareness”, “losses”, “collusion”, “shortage”… Blah, blah, blah.

Those are nice, fancy terms aren’t they? How about: you’re employees are rippin’ you off every day.

Just like bars and nightclubs, you own one of the easiest businesses to scam and rip off, too. The wait staff warn about the busboys. Busboys warn about the dishwashers. Dishwashers warn about the prep cooks. Cooks warn about the vendors and EVERYONE warns you about the bartenders (they know how to scam any system).

The bartender gives away free drinks, uneaten food is thrown in the garbage, the servers are hookin’ up their friends, food and liquor magically “disappears”, etc and they lose all sense of proportion and ethical boundaries.

EVERYONE, including the most decent, hard-working people, will steal from you and no one will consider it stealing. If you look at it from their point of view, all night, every night, they see thousands of dollars passing before their eyes for food and drinks and they live off tips.

Restaurant owners are like social workers. Everyone gets paid first, then you pay yourself. You wanna know why? Because you’re gettin’ robbed and ripped off. All day, every day.


Theft, From Employees and Customers is the #1 Problem and Concern for ALL Retail Businesses.

Like bars and restaurants above, retail businesses are getting’ scammed and ripped off, too. We’ve seen lots of shoplifting, customer problems, unfair complaints, bad employee attitudes, family and friend “discounts”, lousy customer service and employees robbin’ the place blind.

Two things we’ve learned from working with bar, restaurant and retail owners and managers that is for certain:
(1) everyone will steal from you
and (2) no one will feel guilty doing it.


“This Could Never Happen to Me. I Live in a GREAT Neighborhood.”

Homeowners are no different business owners. You want a system so that everybody knows if they come to your home-the home you pay for, where you and your family live-that your system will be able to record and ID them so they go to jail (and, you want to stop anybody in the future from doing the same thing). This is about protecting your home, your family and maybe even saving somebody’s life. And you want to have greater peace of mind, sense of safety and security and feel more confident when you’re away. That’s it. That’s really all you want to do. The problem with this is, like most business owners, is that you don’t know the difference between a junk or good or system.

Go outside, look up and down your street. One of those houses (including yours) will be robbed, broken into or vandalized.
You wanna know why all this stuff happens? Because they can get away with it, that’s why!

All of These Things ARE Happening to You and We Can Help

As stated elsewhere on this site and conversations that we have with business and homeowners over and over again the biggest problem with most video security products is that you can buy them everywhere (online, from Lowe’s, Ebay, etc) and they’re cheap.

The problem with this is the calls we get that start off by asking about price. “How much is this gonna cost?” or “I want a cheap system to protect my house or business.” Do you really think you’re going to be able to do that with, what, some 16 camera system for $500.00 from Ebay? Really? Or, how about, “I know this guy that can do this for me real cheap.” You’re gonna protect your home, family or business with ”that guy?”

And because of all of this we get a lot of calls from business owners that want us to figure out why one of their cameras doesn’t work or why their DVR stopped recording (this is exactly what you’ll get from these types of systems). And the conversations we have that are true then are true now:

(1) We don’t work on systems bought from Ebay or Sam’s or anywhere else. We only install and guarantee the systems we install and the labor performed.

(2) If we install a system for you, you’ll get a 3 year warranty on all DVRs, NVRs, XVRs, Tribrids and Pentabrid recorders and all cameras. All recorders and cameras also carry an advance replacement policy and you’ll receive lifetime tech support and firmware updates.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for a month or 20 years, if you are a new homeowner or have been in the same home and neighborhood for 30 years. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own or operate- bar, restaurant, retail, laudromat, car wash, trucking, warehouse, new home construction, school, factory, offices, etc.- you need a HI QUALITY, hi-def video security system.

Don’t Believe Me? Here’s a Few reasons Why You Should Believe What I Say

  • A woman and her family were being harassed by a psycho neighbor who blamed everything on her resulting in appearing in court. After she installed one of our 4 camera systems, the problems stopped, the police saw who was really to blame and the charges dropped.
  • A college-educated, men’s retail store manager used rampant shoplifting (problem # 1) as a cover to rob about $47,000.00 in clothes and she managed to do so in less than 2 years (problem #2)!
  • A bartender was having such a good time, she gave away a million free drinks to her friends and emptied the register (while dancing naked). We got all this on video and her and her boyfriend were arrested that night!
  • A regular customer couldn’t keep his hands off the ladies, was going behind the bar and caused not one, but two fights and this guy brought a lawsuit against the owner! After both attorneys and the city law director saw the video from my system, the lawsuit was dropped. This saved the owner’s business because the proof of what really happened was on video.
  • Real simple: the footage from one of our systems helped bring a murder conviction in a shooting.
  • A school teacher’s home was being egged at night and she just knew it was a few of her students but didn’t have proof. We suggested one of our systems with a low-light camera and even painted the housing to blend in with the house so it couldn’t be seen during the day. When these vandals came back, they were recorded, busted and the vandalism stopped.
  • An assistant manager at a major retail video store chain let his friends (for a price) steal so many movies and video games that it forced the store to close down!
  • A c-store owner’s employee was stealing from the register, lottery and selling beer and cigarettes to pay rent, bills and buy drugs for 4 years before she was found out. We did the math- she ended up rippin’ off about $60,000.00!
  • Our own system stopped a couple of low-life scumbags from breaking into our garage and cars. As soon as they saw our cameras-by looking right into the lens- they were outta there!

Here Are Just a Few Benefits of Having Catch a Crook CCTV Install Security Cameras at Your Home or Business

  • take back control of your business
  • stop employee and customer theft
  • monitor your registers, inventory, entrances, exits, dumpsters, who’s comin’ and goin’, customers, employees, etc
  • review complaints
  • take back control of bar or nightclub
  • stop bartender, server and vendor and theft
  • protect yourself against any unfair lawsuits
  • view your bar or nightclub from anywhere any time
  • monitor any customer problems, fights, complaints
  • stop being a victim and easy target
  • protect your home and family
  • take back control of your life
  • feel more confident
  • record any “handymen” or “sales people” that come on your property
  • RELAX! leave town, go on vacation and enjoy yourself without worrying about getting ripped off
  • crooks and thieves will pass by your house
  • take back control of restaurant
  • stop server, kitchen, vendor and bartender theft
  • reduce your liability
  • increase productivity (make more money) and end time theft
  • less headaches, worries and stress
  • be 2 places at once-view your home or business any time from anywhere
  • stop “dine and dash”
  • monitor your kitchen, coolers, inventory, entrances, exits, registers, dumpsters, who’s comin’ and goin’, etc
  • review complaints
  • end waste, fraud and abuse

Planning a new system for your home, restaurant, bar, retail or other business or want to
upgrade to hi-def? We have several hi-def options for you and we are ready to give you the best advice to solve your problems.

Professional Services

Choosing Products

You have 2 choices when doing business with Catch a Crook CCTV: you can buy our products or have us install a complete system (our specialty). We can answer your questions and give advice and recommendations simply by phone or email. The installation process begins with a one-on-one meeting and discussion of your problems, concerns, fears and goals. After a property survey, you’ll receive a written estimate of recommended products and labor. If you are located in Ohio we can meet with you to give you a written estimate.

Product Design

All of our products and complete systems are hi-def 1080p video security products. After you place your order or request an installation, we will begin to put together your order from our inventory of products. All of our products are brand new and factory-fresh. There are NO: used, open box, knock-offs, counterfeit products or cheap junk. You will receive a hi-def, hi-quality, easy-to-use, long-lasting, factory-fresh, new-in-the box AUTHENTIC product with a 3 yr. warranty and advance replacement. Ready to use right out of the box, most products for DIY’ers are are shipped on the same business day.

Home and Business Installations

If you let us oversee your complete installation, we’ll work hard to deliver a successful outcome above your expectations. You’ll receive a professional, neat and clean installation and your property will be treated with respect and kept orderly at all times. We can install cameras to monitor your home, bartenders, servers, vendors, customers, registers, seating areas, parking lots, warehouse, hallways, storage, inventory, entrances and exits and dumpsters. And when the install is complete, we’ll do a thorough site run through and clean-up. We’ll also set-up and program your system (and phone, PC and tablet) and you’ll receive training on the most important functions.

STOP Getting Scammed and Ripped Off Right Now!

The worst thing you can say is “my business is different” (or “my neighborhood is different”). That would be a mistake. With the average loss of $2,200 to homeowners from crooks and thieves and tens and hundreds of thousands over time to a business just from employee theft, these systems pay for themselves immediately.

The investment in Catch a Crook CCTV systems and products is a painless drop in the bucket compared to doing nothing at all, investing in the wrong system, hiring the wrong company and remaining an easy target with a bull’s eye on your back. You say you can’t afford to do this? You can’t afford not to do this. So take action today.

If you own or operate any kind of business or would like to protect your home and family and could use a friend who understands your needs and concerns, who cares about your safety, success, future and peace of mind, then you call us at (419) 961-2923 today. If you are located in Ohio and want a custom quote, we can meet with you and recommend a system to fit your needs, budget, goals and give you a greater sense of safety and security and stop crime catch crooks.

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