“Why should I do business with you when there are so many big, well-known companies out there?”

Yep, this is true. There are a lot of big CCTV companies that have been around longer than us. Catch a Crook CCTV is not a huge company with marble floors, dozens or hundreds of employees and personal secretaries. But because of this, I am able to keep costs down and I am personally involved with every single sale, installation and support issue. I will help protect your home, family and property, help you take back control of your business, stop employee theft, have greater success and help you feel safer and have greater peace of mind.

“So what? I can get this done from that guy real cheap.”

Yep, you can have “that guy” install this for you. But make sure you’re getting an authentic, hi-def, long lasting, easy-to-use XVR, NVR and hi-def cameras from 1 or 2 of the 3 biggest CCTV manufacturers in the world. Also make sure you are getting a hi-def flat screen, cable, UPS battery back-up, accessories, power supply, free lifetime U.S. email, phone and website support, firmware updates, set-up, programming, training and no hidden fees or charges and no B.S. what-so-ever (and if you’re thinking of buying from any of the hundreds of sites online, please re-read the above). By the way, do you really want to protect your home, family, property, business, income, safety, success and future with “that guy?”

“I don’t need security cameras, I have a security system.”

Security systems are great but they cannot record video of any low-down dirty robbers, crooks or thieves rippin’ you off, bartender, server or kitchen worker scams, employee theft, customer problems, shoplifters, break-ins, vandals, lawsuits or the that guy that started that fight Friday night (just having cameras will act as a deterrent). Until you properly install one of our hi-def systems, you won’t have the proof you need to protect your home and family, save your business and have greater peace of mind. Remember: in court video doesn’t lie!

“Why should I trust someone I’ve just met here, on a web site, for the first time?”

We can’t blame you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “self-invented yesterday” pretend CCTV experts all over the Internet like flies all over a manure-rich pasture. There’s a lot of shady folks selling junk and making all kinds of promises that give us (and a handful of honest companies like ours) a bad name. After all, anybody can throw up a web site, right? Well, Catch a Crook CCTV is VERY real.

“I have questions about your products or services. What is the best way to contact you?”

The best way to contact us is by calling us at (419) 961-2923. We are open M-F 10am-6pm EST.

“I don’t understand how to operate a certain function or I am having a problem with my system. How do I get help?”

Operating a hi-quality video security systems or products can be confusing. We off FREE lifetime tech support on all products we sell or install. Many of the most common questions you may have can be found on our Users Guide page. Here you will find many of the answers in easy-to-understand, step-by-step guides. These are available 24/7 for viewing or for FREE download. You may need more in-depth answers to your issues. The best way to do this is to give us a call at (419) 961-2923. Depending on your situation, we may need to do further troubleshooting or even a full replacement of your product. Whatever question(s) or issue(s) you may be having, we will do everything we can to help you as quickly as possible.

“My DVR/NVR/XVR keeps booting and re-booting, keeps beeping or won’t record footage. What’s the problem?”

Almost 99% of all problems you’ll see in any recorder is almost always in the hard drive. Speaking of, sooner or later, all hard drives will fail. It may be months or many years but one day your hard drive will fail. If we installed your hard drive(s), we put it through several scans before it was installed. All of out hard drives carry a 3 year warranty so if there are issues, we can troubleshoot it and if it’s bad, we can get you a replacement really quick. If you bought and installed your own hard drive(s), you’ll need to determine if it’s bad and needs to be replaced. We have a quick start guideHEREthat explains how to troubleshoot hard drives in your recorder (this guide is specific to Dahua recorders but the principle is the same across all makes).

“I just set my new system up/you just finished my install. How come I still have problems at my business?”

There are maybe 2 downsides to video security systems: (1) buying cheap junk (read about that HERE) and (2) the products we sell and the systems we install are not used correctly. Not enough time is spent using and understanding all the functions, these systems are not well maintained and/or the client expects a “plug-n-play” solution right out of the box expecting all of their problems to magically disappear. Our hi-quality systems take time, a little “work and effort” and only require a commitment of about 30 mins. a day. This commitment may not be acceptable for some people and a system from Ebay, Costco or Sam’s Club might be better suited for you. We have a wide range of step-by-step manuals on our User Guides page and you can call us at (419) 961-2923 with any questions.

“My business/industry/building is different. Can you install a system just for me?”

Yep. Real simple: ALL businesses, industries, facilities and public buildings need quality, hi-def video security systems. Period.

More Questions?

If you have a question for us that you don’t see here contact us at (419) 961-2923.