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HD-CVI 3.0: Is THIS the Future of Analog CCTV (part 3)?


Recently, I wrote 2 articles questioning what the future of analog hi-def video security (pt. 1 HD-CVI and pt. 2 HD-TVI) is or will be. And like part 2, I wasn’t planning on a part 3 or continuing this as a series. But, the speed and enormity of how hi-def analog CCTV keeps growing and changing (and […]

HD-TVI: The Future of Analog CCTV (part 2)?

Ok, I wasn’t planning on a “part 2” to “The Future of Analog CCTV” or turning this into a series. But guess what? Looks like I am now. In 2012, there was a break through of 2 new hi-def over coax CCTV formats that came out (and 1 in 2013) and are in competition with one another […]

HD-CVI: The Future of Analog CCTV (part 1)?

Ok, what is HD-CVI? Well, technically speaking, HDCVI stands for: High Definition Composite Video Interface. But what this really means is that this fairly new CCTV technology (Nov. 2012) from Dahua Technology provides a different way of transmitting hi-def video signals over coaxial cable. That’s it, really. Up until CVI was available, analog CCTV video was limited […]